The following testimonials are for Access Consciousness ™

Immense Energetic Breakthrough
"I found to bars session I received from David to be very complimentary to other work I have been doing with my body/ mind/ spirit energies. So compatible in fact that, the night of receiving the session I had an immense energetic breakthrough. The effects seem to have lasted for days afterwards, and indeed I feel as though a permanent shift has occurred. I believe the application of bars consciousness are a wonderful tool that can be used singularly or in congruence with other energy healing. Also, David and Gail are wonderful people to work with!"
--Nicole Bedy

Access Body Process
A woman came complaining of severe constipation and pain in her ovaries , sure that she had a growth in that area. I did the process of Molecular Demanifestation and her pain level went from a 6 to a 3. The next day , I received a call and she said that she was no longer constipated and everything was moving, she felt much better. Later, the following week when I talked with her, she indicated there was no pain in her uterine area during her cycle.


Access Body Process for My Dog
I ran a process for detoxing chemicals and another to build the immune system. Over a period of three months Buddy has healed much more quickly than the other dogs that did not receive a process. According to the special tests that the alternative care clinic does. I am now doing a process for his food allergies and his cataract. What else is possible?

New to Access
Dear Gail,

as you know, I am new to Access Consciousness and the entire process. More than a bit intrigued, I wanted to experience having my "bars run" when I visited your home office a few days ago.

The process was both enlightening and empowering. I truly appreciated your gentle guidance through the session - afterward I could not put into words the magical feeling that came over me. It felt as if the dark cloud hanging over my head had lifted and I suddenly felt like myself again.

Despite the newness of it all, I am fascinated by this modality and am certainly looking forward to experiencing your Access Bars class soon.

Thank you for your graciousness and for introducing me to this wonderful practice.
--A Campbell

Running Bars Joy/Sadness/Healing/Sexuality
Every session I've had with Gail running my bars has been a powerful experience, often paired with astonishing results. At one session in particular, as Gail ran my Joy/Sadness/Healing/Sexuality Bars and Body process, I felt - and heard - my third eye open WIDE! Amazing. It literally made a sound like "whoop!"

Access Remote Healing Appointment
There is so much that stands out now.

Today I experienced another dimension of myself. It is still a 'higher point of view', but it has a certain warmth to it, unlike the cold cuttingness of before.

I still see sharply, but because of the warmth, I can see more.
--I. Isaac, NY

Bars and Body Processes
Getting your bars and body processes worked by Gail is a highly recommended gift that you can give yourself. Gail is great at really tuning into what your body is telling her, with fabulous results! I am so happy that I've made this commitment to release myself from past conditions and begin life anew!

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