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Reconnection Change of Living Patterns
Since receiving the Reconnection, I have experienced so many benefits. Here are some of them. The first thing I noticed was a change in my breathing. I now breathe easier and deeper than before. A couple of weeks after, I bought a juicer and began studying more about juicing. I am now more motivated to give my body what it needs and able to discern what those needs are.

I also noticed that I am much more at ease within myself and more joyful in my nature. This happened so naturally for me that I really didn’t take notice of it until someone else made a comment about how different I seemed to be at a party. I feel much more joyful , smile alot more and am more talkative and at ease in conversation.

Emotionally, I find that I am expressing myself much differently. Whereas before the Reconnection, I would, for instance tend to be slower to express certain feelings, especially, anger. Now, I express it in the moment which is quite a turn of events for me. This change has been the most noticeable and surprising for me; however I am finding it much healthier as I move along. This change allows me to
move through my emotions more quickly. Consequently, I feel I am learning and evolving more rapidly. Wow!

My most favorite benefit is the feeling of Divine Grace that seems to walk with me through my days now. It's hard to put into words but there's a beautiful flow to life that wasn’t there before. Things that used to annoy me or upset me no longer do.

That is my report and it has been only 3 months since my Reconnection.

I am very excited about these changes and look forward
to the continued benefits this work has given me!!
--G Gilbert - Warren, MI

Coming Home
I guess for starters I would begin by saying that I actually feel different in my own skin.   I truly feel that when I look at other people I am just not in the same place as them.   It's as though I have left the world behind so to speak.   I am here and not here.   Like having a foot in one world and the other in a different world.  It's extremely fascinating.  I have had visits from the Pleiadians as well as dreams about them.  I know they are available for me when I need them and also guiding me towards the purpose I came here for, whatever that may be.

One day I was sitting in my kitchen having a conversation with my boyfriend which seemed to have lasted for a few minutes, the phone rang and jolted us and we realized three hours have passed.  We were both amazed and stunned and I also felt an extreme reality shift as did he.  Neither of us could explain what had happened but we knew it was nothing short of miraculous.

Things in my life and life in general seem to make more sense as if I had a greater understanding of them.  I feel old beyond my years and not in a negative way, but rather a feeling of knowing things because I have been around so long and have prior experience of them which I cannot recall.  Life has become an exciting fertile playground with new adventures every day.  The people I meet fascinate me and yet I feel we are somewhat not in the same place at all.

I know my whole life prior to the Reconnection was absolutely leading up to that moment.  It was my chance to come home and still be here on Earth.  It is a tremendous gift and I do not take it lightly.  I have been given a chance and an opportunity to have this experience and use it wisely.  Nothing in my life has been the same since undergoing the Reconnection and I feel myself moving forward in new directions that I had never considered and wasn't even aware of.  It's as if I am able to see the big picture, whereas I didn't before.

I have a greater love and understanding of the Earth and her people as well as our common goals on this planet.  I think I love and accept people and things a little more each day.   There are challenging days and situations as well, but I think I look at them as growth and learning opportunities and that seems to make all the difference in the world.

All in all, I feel very fortunate to be alive during such a time of great change and growth upon the Earth and am looking forward to doing all that I am to assist those in need during transition.  I am ready to do the things I came here to do.
--C Kirchner -- St Clair Shores, MI

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