The following testimonials are for Reconnective Healing ™

Fibroid Tumor vanished in one session
I had a uterine fibroid tumor that vanished in one session! (It was a fairly large, hard mass that was detectable by touch.) In addition my energy level increased substantially. I highly recommend Reconnective Healing; it exceeded my expectations!
--Cheryl Pride, Pontiac, MI

No More Snoring
Since having a Reconnective Healing™ session, my partner has told me that I do not snore anymore. I have also noticed that the raspyness in my lungs is no longer there. I had experienced this for at least the past 10 years. I am also experiencing much more peace, feeling more connected.
--D Miller, Warren, MI

Relief from Sciatica Problem
My Reconnective Healing™ session with her opened up a sciatica problem that I had been experiencing for 4 years. I climbed a mountain in a dream, walked amongst the clouds and, when I came down, the pain and tightness had diminished noticeably.
--P Plamondon, Farmington Hills, MI

Reconnective Energy is an outstanding healing therapy!
Many times you don't have words to describe the sensations you go through you only know it touched your Soul.... It is such a nurturing and loving energy that makes you feel safe and therefore all the possibilities of releasing whatever needs to be released. Plus, Gail touches your Aura in a beautiful Divine way!
--Cristina Pavey - Reiki Master

What some people are reporting:
After Reconnective Healing™ Sessions

  1. Feeling incredibly relaxed and peaceful.

  2. Seeing angels taking care of them.

  3. Feeling more complete and able to express in the

  4. A lot of heat and energy throughout the body.

  5. No longer snoring (and keeping their partner

  6. A strong feeling of well-being.

  7. Seeing goddesses and receiving positive messages.

--Various People

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