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Amethyst Biomat Sessions/Distributor
If you would like to come and experience the biomat,
I offer free 15 minute sessions in my Healing And Transformation Room. I am located in SE Michigan, Detroit area. This therapy is helpful to :

•Relieves pain and joint stiffness
•Reduces stress and fatigue
•Increases blood circulation
•Boosts the immune system
•Decreases hyperactivity
•Burns calories and controls weight
•Strengthens the cardiovascular system
•Removes waste and toxins
•Rejuvenates skin and cellular function
•Boosts energy and vitality
•Induces deep Delta State of relaxation
•Regulates Psychological well being

You may also wish to have a longer, 45 minute session.
Call to schedule yours today! 586-264-5457

. The RichWay Bio-Mat™ uses Japanese Kurare Carbon ceramic (Patent 1386560).

2. The RichWay Bio-Mat™ has a special function that emits Negative Ions and transforms + Ions to - Ions in the human body. It provides strength and energy and relieves pain.

3. The Kurare's Super Fiber Materials generate far infrared rays (8-12 micron) that the body can easily absorb.

4. The Bio-Mat emits negative ions and far infrared rays, which contributes to a healthy life.
The Bio-Mat Professional is registered as an FDA Medical Device #2954299
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