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My Favorite Ezines
The most popular family friendly ezine and newsletter directory on the Internet. Find family friendly ezines here or list yours at no charge. No adult or objectional content allowed.


Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Mesotherapy - Cellulite Treatments
Mesotherapy is the latest breakthrough for cellulite treatments as seen on 48 hrs on CBS. Now you can lose fat and cellulite with safe and natural Mesotherapy. treatments.


Affordable Psychic Readings
Psychic readings for your love, relationship, career, or financial life. Psychic readings that are indepth, insightful, and authentic.

AstroStar Astrology and More
Love horoscopes, astrology and metaphysical articles, free oracles, books, soul mates info and lots more.

Unio Mystica Healing Center
Metaphysical Healing, Non-physical Healers & Advanced Spiritual Technologies are used to reclaim your birthright of perfect health, vitality and wholeness. This safe, effective alternative to conventional therapies really works.

Brinkzone: Bodybuilding Supplements Reviews and Fitness Advice
Home of health and fitness industry consultant, sports supplement expert, and author Will Brink.

Bodybuilding Supplements Review and Muscle Building Guide
Build serious lean muscle in record time with a proven muscle building nutrition plan and discover exactly which bodybuilding supplements work and which are no more than pure marketing hype, by sports nutrition and supplements expert Will Brink.

Diet and Weight Loss Supplements Review
Industry expert Will Brink reviews which weight loss supplements burn fat fast and which are no more than marketing hype. Don't waste your money on another weight loss supplement until you have seen this.

Natural Health and Home Spa
Unique natural health and home spa products hand-picked by a medical student. Health question? Ask for free and receive professional information. Personal service and fast shipping.


Alternative Health Supplements
Discover the latest in cutting edge nutritional and weight loss supplements. Your source for discount health and weight loss products.

100% Pure Green Barley Powder
New Zealand green barley powder. Free deliveries worldwide for effective herbal remedy, no minimum order quantity.

100% Pure Tahitian Noni Juice
Finest grade Noni Juice(Morinda Citrifolia) available anywhere. Also offers Noni Cream, Tamanu Cream, and Tamanu oil.

A Guide to Water Filters
Health information site explains the pros and cons of various water filters and treatment systems. Includes clinical research about the benefits of ionized water.

HGH - Renuva Anti -Aging System
HGH human growth hormone and the latest anti-aging breakthroughs can be found at the Renuva website. Endorsed by celebrities George Hamilton and Cathy Rigby as seen on National T.V.

Prescription Drugs
Buy prescription drugs online today! Use our online pharmacy to order prescription medications and for complete prescription drug formation.

Lowest Price Prescription Drugs
Save up to 86% on prescription drugs from Canada delivered right to your door!

Panic Attacks
A brief introduction to anxiety and panic attacks. Find information about symptoms, causes and complementary and alternative medicine solutions.

Prescription Drugs
Buy prescription drugs online today! Use our online pharmacy to order prescription medications and for complete prescription drug formation.

Lowest Price Prescription Drugs
Save up to 86% on prescription drugs from Canada delivered right to your door!

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers NYC
A New York City network of highly experienced certified personal trainers providing customized one-on-one diet and training programs. In gym or home.

Spiritual Consciousness

Magical Journey
Magical Journey offers Services and Merchandise that support the Spiritual Community. Psychic Readings, Massage Therapy and Aura Photos are offered daily. Visit our Healing Request page.

On 9/11 2001, I was scheduled to be at the World Trade center. The meeting was canceled and my life was saved. This experience was an inspiration to write a "letter to my daughters". In this letter I share my faith, hope, love and experiences. My loving intent is to remind everyone to do the same. People worry about material things by leaving "Wills" but our hopes, faith and love are left to memories. Why not write a letter /make a video for your loved ones. If everyone just took the time to reflect our world would immediately grow in love and peace. In addition to above , my brother was a NJ State trooper and worked at ground zero. He Died from cancer last year. In his honor and based on my own experiences above. I developed a web-site titled Please visit and send the message of peace and love to your friends. The website is free and I am not selling anything except Peace and Love. On this site I posted my brother’s letter that he wrote before his passing. I also share my experiences with energy healing & life after death..
If you're interested in: * Getting out of debt or building wealth * Attracting a perfect partner * Getting that promotion or starting your own business * Finding the inspiration to write that best-selling book * Lose those extra pounds or staying motivated to exercise * Affording your dream home ... You'll absolutely want to check out this resource, The program is absolutely amazing, it's actually seven programs in one. I have used it myself and highly recommend you give this a try. Plus, AffirmWare GUARANTEES their program will work! Here are just three reasons why I think you will want to check out this program. (1) You are shown how to create powerful affirmations that will enable you to manifest you desires. The program include many techniques for removing those pesky blockages that may be preventing you from getting what you want. (2) Sculptor 3 also includes powerful subliminal technology for effortless subconscious programming. (3) Your investment in this program also includes 7 free bonuses that alone are worth the price asked for the whole thing. For example, you get the audio version of the classic Wallace D. Wattles book, "The Science Of Getting Rich". So now you can listen to these priceless teachings every day while working on your computer! Anyway, It's well worth checking out. To find out more visit their web site at:
Free Article Content For Your Web Site.
This site provides information on Automotive Software Programs that help car dealerships improve their operations.
Catering to the wellness of Southeast Michigan's 4,000,000 + people! Covering health, wellness, metaphysics, spirituality and so much more.
Business Directory
At this time of rapid change in human society and global ecology there is a need for the connecting, coordinating, and integrating of individual and organizational initiatives working on behalf of balanced, ethical, and life-enhancing evolution for humanity and Earth. This is the vision of the Center for Conscious Evolution-to serve as a central resource hub for individuals and communities worldwide that are choosing to embrace and apply the emerging principles, tools, and templates of cocreative self and social conscious evolution.
Children of the New Earth Online magazine is a brand new, one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge publication devoted exclusively to the evolving needs of todays new generation of Indigo kids and Crystal children.
We serve clients mostly in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, programming dynamic content management systems using ColdFusion application server. We have also worked on many projects in other states remotely.
Internationally Recognized Healer Dr. Eric Pearl provides training for people wishing to learn this awsome healing modality.
Empowering people to know what they know is where Gail and David Miller are coming from. When you can access that answers of energy healing, you will find your questions change and your life shifts into awareness. Energy healing is really at the basis of who we are as beings that walk this planet. We are made up of energy and consciousness. Tune into InTouch Interviews today to learn more and walk away with a greater understanding or your true self and potential to ACCESS that self!
A great site to shop for your aromoatherapy needs.
Looking to make extra cash? Listen to these testimonials!
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Learn how you can increase your serotonin levels and reduce cortisol.
Access Consciousness - what is it? Who can use it? What are some of the basic everyday tools that we use? Today, Dave and Gail Miller join the program to keep un InTouch with this wonderful way to get a handle on our health and maintain not the only the good health we have already but the better health we will create using the techniques taught in Access Consciousness. Because after all, everyone wants to REMOVE the effects of aging from the entire body, right? So tune in and get the latest information from this husband and wife team who want to put the POWER of your health into YOUR consciousness!
This newsletter is dedicated to the Indigo Children, the challenges they face, the parents that are raising them and the Teachers that educate them.
Investment analysis tools for the sophisticated investor.
Experience the energy of Kundalini Reiki for healing and personal development
A sight dedicated to the Mayan Calendar and relevant prophecies with a focus on upcoming events in the very near future!
Discover how TENS unit electrotherapy can ease the chronic pain of arthritis, low back pain or sciatica without costly prescription drugs.

Title: New York Yoga Spa Wellness Guide Description: New York Area yoga, spa and wellness related resources and information for stress management, personal growth, nutrition, and well being.
Use Sunnieâ„nutritional stress relief pills as a normalizing anti-depressant alternative for healthy life.
Title: San Francisco Psychotherapy Description: Psychotherapy and couples therapy is provided in San Francisco by Mark Hirschfield MFT, psychotherapist and EMDR therapist for adults, children, couples, and families.
Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center hosts spiritual and health conscious groups and individuals. 70-acre setting on Oak Creek with creekside guesthouses, cabins and luxury tipis. Our 1100 sq ft building for meeting space, yoga and workshops, our historic Light House for meditation and numerous healing modalities, a 7-circuit labyrinth, individualized vortex experiences and much more.
We manufactured premium quality, color light units: The Lumalight series; and comprehensive training on video. We have a recent release on advanced color therapy protocols in a book format, entitled: Golden Light: A journey with advanced colorworks.
Get the facts and read Steven Greers astonishing book just out in mid 2006 -Hidden Truth, Forbidden knowledge. Steven tells of his own long time interaction with benevolent ET's and the truth about our government and why they are covering up this information and creating fear about ET's.
Music to heal the body and soothe the soul.
The Berry Company & Nutronix are joining forces! If you want to create a lifetime residual monthly income-take a look at this right away.
Our Objectives are to Achieve continual prayer at the Light Center and throughout the UR family in support of personal and planetary transformation. Distribute and teach The Effective Prayer to as many as possible and to establish effective prayer around the world. Establish a community of the spirit - a community of trust, love, respect - that is supportive of continual prayer at the Light Center and that will be furthered through development of a residential living area near the Light Center. The basic vision is to pray, heal, teach, and build a community.
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