Healing Sessions in Sterling Heights, Michigan

I will be teaching a 5 week  Anti-Aging Body Process Series  4 x a year.  The cost is only $300 for the class.   Where:  Our house in Sterling Heights near 16 and Van Dyke!  Call to register.   586-264-5457

And I am offering Bodytalk Sessions now:

Body wisdom

  1. The body has an innate wisdom which, when allowed, can heal the body at all levels. 
  2. This innate wisdom can even tell us what is wrong with the body, what needs to be treated, and in what order. 
  3. The key element in maintaining health in the body is to reestablish communication between all the systems and parts of the body. In this way, the body can synchronize its activities, heal, and adapt to the stresses of life. 
  4. The most important consideration in the healing process is the sequence in which the body heals the systems. One of the main factors that slows down the healing process is the superimposition of the bias and agenda of the practitioner. 
  5. The more we respect the innate wisdom (higher self, witness, source, or whatever you wish to call it), the more it will instruct us on what to do and the more powerful it becomes
  6. The body has an innate wisdom which, when allowed, can heal the body at all levels.

    To those of you who have been investigating alternative medicine, this statement seems obvious. However, I challenge you to really think about what the statement means because I feel that we have often neglected to realize just how powerfully we can tap into the innate wisdom of the body.

    We all know that the body has a built-in mechanism to initiate the healing process in normal day to day activity. If we cut ourselves, the body immediately sets up a process to start healing the wound. This occurs at all levels - physical, emotional, and mental. Although this is obvious to everyone of us, my experience is that most systems of healing do not give full credence to just how wonderful the human mechanism really is - or to its potential. 

    We are very quick to step in and play God by subjecting the body to our personal diagnosis and telling the body how to heal itself because of our perceived superior knowledge of the healing process. Granted, you may say that you only step in when the body is failing to do its job. However, the body is only failing in its job because its communications systems have been severely compromised through the stresses of life and all the interference being superimposed upon this dynamic system. Once you reestablish a good communication system between all the various parts of the body, the body can and will heal except in extreme emergency situations. 

    The trouble is that up to now the focus has not been on communication. The focus has been to repair the parts that appear to be troubled and hope that the body can then get the parts to synchronize. The new paradigm states that the focus should be on restoring the synchronization and the body will repair its own parts rapidly. The resultant dynamic energy configuration will allow the parts to quickly return to normal synchronized activity within the bodymind complex and its environment.

    Everyday we receive more and more evidence of just how intricate a system the bodymind complex is. The immense interrelationships between all the different components of body at the physical level, the energy systems, the environmental factors influencing the body, and the mental and emotional components all create a complex symphony of interrelationships that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of. The joke behind all this is that we think we have the knowledge to tell the body how to do its job when it has been doing that job successfully for millions of years. How arrogant can we get!

    But, you might say, there are times when it fails to do that job and needs help. This is true, but the type of help it has been getting is not what it really wants for most problems. 

    The real problem facing the body is in the way our life styles, culture, and technology have interfered with the natural processes and compromised the communication networks that enable it to coordinate the billions of synchronized activities per second necessary to maintain optimum health.

    The BodyTalk paradigm for the future of medicine is that we once again start respecting the awesome innate knowledge of the body and learn to utilize that knowledge by working with it rather than imposing our pathetic, childish knowledge upon it.
     Hospital bills are very expensive.....we have treated diabetes,respiratory issues, cancer, arthritis, injuries, frozen shoulder, vision problems, insomnia,sore muscles, back pain, yeast, .prostate, edysfunction...the list goes on....

Did you know that all disease is mostly caused by stuck emotions in the body?  I do special treatments to release all the pent up emotion in your body.  This is usually 80% of the cause.     Call 586-264-5457 today.  I wold love to help you!  Read more below for Body processes that can be done.  I use muscle testing to determine what you need.  All sessions done on the massage table with gentle touch. I am getting great results with the brand new processes.  If you have something that you want to change and havent been able to -this new Causal process ( May 2015) may really do it for you!   Email with the time and day you would like to come or give me a call.  crystal@sacc.com


Archive of our Body, Mind, Spirit Radio Interview. 

Join us on the radio, ask questions , give a testimonial and just have fun!  Go here for the live show or listen at your convenience.  Archived right after the show!.  http://www.bodymindspiritradio.com

You must pre-register on http://www.accessconsciousness.com.

Go to Classes and look for our name in the list, Dave and Gail Miller.

    And..Every Month
We are teaching the Access Bars Class, all day for $300.  CEU's available for massage therapists.  Become a Practitioner or bring a friend and run each others bars every week.  This is what we recommend.  How often to run your bars?  Every week--you will notice big shifts!   Click on Access Bars for more information on the benefits of running your bars.  This will Amp up your practice, or whatever you are doing!!!!  Pre-register at link You must pre-register on http://www.accessconsciousness.com.  or call  586-264-5457.

Body Process Classes are taught every month.  For all of you practioners who would like to upgrade what you offer your clients or for any of you who just want to be able to heal your family, your pets , your friends and yourself.  I usually teach an immune system boost with an anti-aging process and it runs for 3 hours.  Or, i am glad to teach on demand what you want to learn..pick from the list below! Call me to organize a class for your center today!  Some of these are:

Zero Sum of Trauma,(from accidents)

Square Root of Minus One ( to eliminate all disease in the body, virus' , colds, flu)

Oldings (aging),

Energetic Face Lift,(for wrinkles and aging), 

MTVSS (all body parts and immune system boost),

Positional HEPADS ( eradicating fixed points of view),

Trifold Sequencing Systems - (Addictions, emotional trauma),

Eradication and Elimination of the Point of Pain

Cellular Memory (to reverse effects of physical trauma and scar tissue)

Positional HEPADS (Paralysis, Handicaps, Entropy , Atrophy )

Molecular DeManifestation, De-Molecular Manifestation (Arthritis, Tumors)

Restoration of Structural Integrity

Restoration of Immune System (for cancer and people receiving Chemotherapy)

Correcting Vision

Oldings (aging)and many more.

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