Take Charge of Your Health

I am finding and hearing that many people are facing serious physical and emotional issues during this time. I am working with some of these people and finding that ,with some TLC and hand holding I can walk them to and thru the healing process by working with them directly or connecting them with another modality and/or healer from my healing team.

That is if they allow their belief systems (BS) and judgements to be set aside.
Are you open to using alternative healing modalities? I have been utilizing many different modalities, resources and healers over the last fifteen years. From those that I Have used many have been helpful. And some much more than others , can correct imbalances more quickly.

So, with my experience I can offer you solutions that have been more productive than some you may be finding out there , especially in the medical arena. Having some information from the medical arena does prove helpful sometimes, however, the remedies are better found in the alternative arts, in my opinion and my experience. Although, it can work to do a combination of both medical and alternative as well. My motto is, lets do what works for you!

The needs of our bodies have changed and require more natural remedies. Less and less of the invasive treatments. And we need to move away from prescription drugs. Our old systems are not working. Why is this?

We are moving from 3D thru 4D and into 5D in our consciousness. This is why I am offering and creating a bridge for those who may still be using the 3D systems into the 4D and 5D ways of treatments. If you choose to get on the bridge, it just involves letting go of the Ego, to allow more self love, being more in a mode of self responsibility. You may need to adjust your daily routine so there is time for you or learn to think in a different way about how to approach your well being.

It is important to move in this direction and I have been guided by the ascended masters that I communicate with to help create communication pathways to this end.
If you would like a consultation, it is very likely that I can point you to some excellent options for the healing of your issues. I have a wonderful healing team that I use. And I am finding more and more wonderful and gifted healers all the time as I am on the lookout for them.  Depending on your issue(s) , you may need to do several modalities. You would start by taking one step at a time.

Is self worth an issue for you? Do you spend all your time taking care of others? How much time do you spend taking care of yourself? None you say? or What do you mean? Then thats where we will start! You must put yourself first in these energies--every day (yes, i really mean it) . This is part of honoring the divine feminine within--a requirement in 4D and 5D navigation. Hmmmm. Really? Yes, really.

We are moving out of 3D (survival mode) completely. Why do you think everything is dissolving-jobs, corporations, people, our government, the oil spills....what doesnt work is being shoved in our faces. We are waking up --its time to create new ways that do work for us!! Join me in co-creating your healing and enjoy creating a new world!!

When you love yourself , you love life. There is no need for pain and suffering or sabotage. There is need for flexibility. We can eliminate these habits. Yes, there is a way!!




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Take Charge of Your Health
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