Emotional Needs As Cause of Illness

In my many years of caring for myself and using alternative healing methods, I am always learning something new.
In my healing practice, I always intend to address all of the bodies and treat wholistically so we can get to the causal level.
Why? If you don’t get to the causal level, you will most likely re-create another imbalance or illness. And sooner or later, you can look back and see a pattern of illnesses and surgeries. Do you have a pattern like this or know someone who does? Perhaps not you, but a family member. If there is a pattern of any kind with you or your family, you can bet it has an emotional root cause that may actually be the primary cause.

What is happening in many of these cases is that the causal level hasn’t been addressed. Most often the cause is repressed emotions that need to be released (anger, frustration, etc). Or, even more surprising, it could be simply that your emotional needs are not being met and you have to go in and look at that. For example, if you are in a marriage , where you think you are happy , but your childhood wounds, collectively, are playing out in the relationship (this is because your subconscious is running the show); then that has to be healed and integrated energetically. Or if you have felt really let down, or disappointed by your mate and not able to come to peace within yourself about it….

If there is a pattern being played out in a family, that could mean that an emotional pattern has been handed down to your kids. Perhaps, if the parents take the time to look at the root cause, then the children can heal. It is the responsibility , I believe , for a parent to set the example. Ask yourself, are any of my kids experiencing pain or health problems? Are some of them the same? If the answer is yes, then you can bet there is most likely an emotional root to look at. The good news is –it can be healed! And you may not ever have to deal with a medical issue again or perhaps, the doctor visits and the pain can finally be a lot less. It depends on how much damage has occurred. Lets look at this a little more deeply.

For instance, if there have been several surgeries for the same problem, can we conclude that what you are doing is not working? Meaning the correction is not the surgery, but lies elsewhere. Surgery may not be the correction that is needed.
You may recognize this in different ways- has your spouse ever been abusive to you-verbally or otherwise? Are you both happy and in good spirits most of the time or what percentage would you say? Do you harbor anger towards your spouse. Are you depressed or is there a history of depression in your family? Do you have a peaceful, calm nature or are you more hyper? Do you feel your emotional needs are being met or fulfilled? Are there any self esteem issues in the family or with your spouse or yourself? Do you feel good about how you are treated or spoken to by your spouse, your mother, your family?

Or for those of you who are single, do you harbor anger towards an old lover or partner? Are you happy or unhappy most of the time?
If you think your inner child has been running the show- One way to begin to heal is to go within if you know how to meditate and talk to the inner child. And ask him/her to take the back seat and play while you , the adult take over. This works because the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. What your working with here is your psyche, your subconscious. The subconscious mind is our driver for more than 90% of our consciousness. Only about 10% is conscious.
Most people will need to hire a medical intuitive who specializes in seeing these energies in your chakras (yes—this can be seen energetically! Carolyn Myss is a prominent, well known healer who you can read up on who can see these types of energies). OR perhaps someone who specializes in helping to clear up repressed emotional energy. The good news is, it can be healed if you are willing to do a little research/work.

I had to write about this, because I feel these emotional problems are very prevalent at this time. We are in an evolutionary shift and cannot bring our problems with us! Evolution means being willing to move forward, to grow and to love ourselves more. We are moving towards Unity consciousness. You must become Conscious of these patterns and be accountable for your own energy. Time to Be the change!

If you would like to try some meditation to begin your emotional healing on your own, you may wish to go to this website and order one of her individual cds.

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or go here to see some of Carolyn’s Videos:
Or you can always visit me in the Healing and Transformation Room. Happy Healing!

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