September Energy Alert

Greetings!     September 24, 2006

As I sit at the airport waiting for a flight, with time to reflect on a week in “3D reality,” much is made clear…and most of it is reflective of the ever growing gap that is now occurring in regard to the differences in vibration and dimensional levels. And strangely enough, much of where we reside is dependent upon choice and focus of thought. A change in focus, thought, and ways of being, can instantly place us in a New and different vibrating reality.


Currently, there is a theme in regard to an insecurity and feeling of being “unnoticed,” or even perhaps disregarded. The reason for this, is not that we are unimportant and not cared about, but that we are basically not being “seen,” as we are residing higher than others and our vibration is literally somewhere else. This is a manifestation of the gap . I have never noticed it more than I did recently while traveling and spending a week in a more mainstream reality.


Rarely out of my own sacred space in the wilds of Arizona , being in the old 3D reality created quite a contrast and made much clear.


The manifestations of the gap relate much to resistance energy, insecurity energy, and disconnect energy.


Resistance energy occurs when a person has not yet let go of the old. Letting go of the old relates to many areas as well. It involves letting go of much of the old ways and 3D manifestations, but mostly it involves letting go of the belief that we have to do everything ourselves. We have resistance when we are still wanting to be in charge of everything. When we want everything our way, and are coming from our disconnect or mental minds. We block the energy flow that wants to arrive from Source, as we are in the way. When we think that we know everything, we cannot be open to any New and higher ways.


But mostly, being in charge and believing that we have to do everything ourselves, and thinking that everything is up to us, places us out of alignment with Source. Nothing can then arrive to assist, as we are already there in that space, taking it up with no room for the assistance to take over!


Resistance also creates a block in unity. We cannot blend with others in the perfect unity that was intended if we believe we are the sole responsibility for making everything happen. The higher the vibration we find ourselves residing in, the more these higher ways of surrender or letting go become evident, as we now need to be embodying a lifestyle of the higher realms.


Resistance, then, can serve to cement us into the old 3D world and ways of being. Letting go and surrendering, while being in the moment, will instantly catapult us into the higher realms and connect us with Source…and it feels divine when we are in this space.


Insecurity energy can occur because we may be feeling ignored or looked past and de-valued. If there are many who are in resistance energy, this can reverberate out and create, then, the insecurity energy for others! But know that if you are feeling completely un-noticed, it is most likely because you are not being seen by others who are in another lower vibrating space. And this lower vibrating space is the space of “I have to do it all…I am burdened…I am stressed…I am tired…I can't see past the situation I am in,” or even perhaps an insensitivity to anything outside of ourselves. If we know that we may be feeling overlooked because we cannot be seen as we are literally residing in a higher vibratory existence, then we can also know that we are connected somewhere else and then focus our attentions on that somewhere else. And being “somewhere else” is perfectly Heavenly.


Dis-connect energy occurs as we are no longer connected to the lower vibrating realities and thus, we are not connected to anything residing there. In this way, it is literally impossible to connect, unite, correspond, or communicate with someone who is in one place while we are in another. It can feel like looking down a long tunnel and having to greatly stretch in order to communicate or blend with a lower vibrating manifestation.


This can also cause great fatigue if done for any length of time. This is why it will be difficult to “go back” to the lower realms to do our humanitarian work for long periods of time. This is why when we connected to the non-physical beings in the past, they had to stretch in order to communicate with us, and for short periods of time. This is why, depending upon how high in vibration you are residing, you will find that your old guides are no longer present, as you are now at their level. You are now united as one and no longer and need them.


These are some manifestations of the gap . As it grows ever larger, there will then exist realities of great joy, abundance, and great love and gratitude in one place, and realities of stress, burden, sadness, grief, frustration, and anger, among other things, in another reality.


In the higher realms, there is much connection between people. There is a great amount of mutual respect, caring, and a knowing of what is occurring with others around us, so that unity and support can be present.


In the higher realms, there is a sensitivity to anything around us. We know how our ac

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