Mahala Planet Alert 2006

Mahala Planet Alert 2006
persoonlijk | Ascension | 04 Januari 2006 | 01:01:02
What will the year 2006 bring? This is a number eight year. Eight is
the number of MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, and BUSINESS. It is also
the number of GOD, and some people have made money their god.
How will the money part work out? There is an economic war that has
been going on behind the scenes between the Euro and the dollar for a long
time. Which money system will come out on top, and will the abundance
doorway that opened on December 6, 2005 start to be felt?
How will the power and control part work out? Will an event happen
that causes martial law to take effect? Will a new leader arise who wants to
control the world? Time will tell! Will there be lots of people starting new
businesses, or will some go out of business. There is always two sides to a
number. Lets pull in the positive energy of this number.
The negative part of the number eight can make it a very
confrontational year. People may become very critical of political authority
and leaders in general. There will be an inclination to rebel against
authority on all levels. If big brother is going to come out into the open,
this is the year it will happen, thus the rebellion.

We will also be entering into the Chinese Year of the FIRE Dog on
January 29, 2006. The fire dog is a very dramatic dog who likes to be the
center of attention. He also has great magnetic charm and can convince many
to follow his lead. Watch out for a leader who may arise this year.
Don't get caught into that energy.
The fire dog can be very fierce when attacked and he will not make
threats that he cannot carry-out. The drums of war will be beating again.
This is not good for Iran or Israel because they seem to be the focus of
attention right now. The leaders of Iran and Israel have been challenging
each other. Iran says that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth,
and Israel is afraid that Iran will try to do that. The wild card is that
Israel has atomic weapons. Will they use them?
There is another challenge going on with Iran that the United States
doesn't like. Iran will be starting to deal in Euros. There is an article on
the web site called:
It says that Iran is about to commit a far greater offense than Saddam
Hussein's conversion to the Euro for Iraq's oil exports in the fall of 2000.
Beginning in March 2006, the Tehran government has plans to begin competing
with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil
trades - using a Euro-based international oil-trading mechanism. The
proposed Iranian oil bourse signifies that without some sort of US
intervention, the Euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the
international oil trade.
Given US debt levels and the stated neoconservative project of US
global domination, Tehran's objective constitutes an obvious encroachment on
dollar supremacy in the crucial international oil market. There are huge
sums of money involved in this deal. The oil consuming countries will soon
be converting their money into Euros instead of dollars and this means that
the Euro will go up, and the dollar down. What will the US do in this case?
Will they give up their power to the Euro, or start another war? Russia,
China, and Iran are working with the European Common Market, through the
Euro, to control the world. They are a pretty powerful group!
March of this year looks very critical for confrontations of all kinds
because Mars (fire) is moving into an opposition to Pluto (transformer)
which is conjunct the galactic center. Light has been coming to Earth from
the galactic center and is so powerful it has caused the arctic region to be
in twilight during the winter instead of dark. This great light is also
causing deeds from the past to be uncovered or exposed to the public.
Mars and Pluto in opposition are instrumental in causing very negative
events to happen. On April 7 and 8, mars, on 26 degrees Gemini, will be
opposing Pluto on 26 degrees Sagittarius. This degree in Sagittarius is the
degree of a religious leader, and 26 Gemini is the degree of bankruptcy.
Sagittarius also rules banks. How will that work out? Maybe the money system
of the world will go through a transformation (Pluto).
The fire energy will be in play all year. Fires are already burning in
Texas and Oklahoma. The New Madrid fault area is under the energy of Pluto.
The fire energy can also bring events such as volcanic eruptions,
explosions, war, and violence.
The energy of the fire dog doesn't sound very good for the world
although there is also the loving domesticated dog. This energy will also be
present on a higher level Earth as manifested by the numbers two and six.
Two is the number of partnerships and cooperation. Six is the number of
love. Remember the doorway that opened in December to the higher sixth
dimension love vibration. If you can tune into that energy you will be OK
during this powerful year of the fire dog
Sirius is the dog star and is a sixth dimension star. It is possible
to live in this unconditional love energy, all you have to do is stop
judging and criticizing others, and yourself. Send out love energy from your
heart. Love energy is very soft and gentle. If you manifest unconditional
love, you will be fine as the Earth continues her journey through the fourth
Even if the Earth is in the fourth world, we can still manifest
consciousness from the higher dimensions. We can very easily live in the
sixth dimension of love and compassion.
We entered a new time line in 1987 when the Earth moved into fourth
dimension energy. We have been passing through that dimension ever since
then. The fourth dimension is where the great war in space and on Earth is
fought. We have been in that energy for a long time.
I bel
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