Ashtars July 11, 2010 Message

Update from Ashtar July 11th:

 “In our next gathering of Family, we shall be discussing the empowerment of our connections with you.  We shall be doing an Exercise of Connection, in order to bring us even closer together.  In this way we shall be empowering all of Planet Earth to raise its vibration even higher, so as to bring us into its consciousness awareness. This, in turn, will facilitate our open contact with all of the people of the Planet, and indeed our visible implementation of the healing technologies we bring.  Be aware that we are indeed presently mitigating in every way possible, the calamitous events in progress, but we are anxious to increase our work to our fullest capacity.  For this, we must have the conscious recognition of the people of Planet Earth, most especially its governments.  We ask that you join us in increasing this conscious awareness.  Salut!”

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Ashtars July 11, 2010 Message

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